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Lukshon Indoors

Lukshon Restaurant in Culver City

In 2011, chef Sang Yoon opened Lukshon, a play on the German word for noodles, an Asian fusion kitchen. He placed the restaurant right next to his “Father’s Office” meat and beer location. The differences between them are astounding, and it’s hard to believe they are both headed by the same individual. But, I suppose […]

Trois Mecs unique exterior

Trois Mec is Fine Dining

What the Heck is Trois Mec Restaurant?   After chef Ludo Lefebvre “popped up” repeatedly in Los Angeles, and later opened his LudoBird restaurant at the Staples Center, many were wondering what his next endeavor would be. You can always count on Chef Ludo to be a tour de force of culinary creativity, and he […]

Sqirl is nuts

Sqirl Is Nuts

Whether it’s for Breakfast, Lunch, Or Even Brunch, Come to Sqirl   Famous for its out-the-door weekend queues spilling into the Silver Lake neighbourhood of LA, Sqirl is snugly tucked away behind a Tabebuia tree. Open from 8am until 4 in the afternoon, it serves an exciting-looking selection of breakfast and lunch dishes to its […]