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Becoming Vegan

These days, more and more people are becoming vegan. You can call it a trend, a fad, a phase, a thing. Any term you want to use is fine by me. It doesn’t matter. Veganism, as a diet and a way of life, is spreading fast. Thankfully, people are beginning to open up their eyes […]


A Cruelty Free Vegan Lifestyle

You can see it on random products, here and there, at the supermarket. At the health food store. Online. Those two tiny words: cruelty free. Those two words encompass a whole world view. An entire way of life. Veganism. And contrary to what some people think, it isn’t just people in California who are deciding […]

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Fried Chicken and French Cooking? Chef Ludo strikes again!

Fried chicken originated in Europe and was introduced in America by Scottish immigrants, who had traditionally preferred frying their chicken over baking it. It quickly became a popular dish in the South, where the women of poor black slave communities, who couldn’t afford to raise pigs or cattle, “grew” chickens to sell, live or ready-fried, to […]