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parsley sage rosemary and thyme

Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme…

“Parsley sage rosemary and thyme…” Simon and Garfunkel penned these famous lyrics to “Scarborough Fair” almost 50 years ago, in a song about finding one’s long-lost beloved amongst bunches of herbs at a traditional English market. The herbs in this iconic song are not native to England’s cold and often harsh climate where bitter Northern […]

featured potato

Potato Nutrition

That awkward moment when a sentence doesn’t end as you potato. Many people consider potatoes to be comfort food, but there is so much more to potatoes. They are the number one vegetable crop worldwide, and are a staple food in many countries and societies. The health benefits of potatoes are many and varied, although often […]

Parsley Benefits are many

Parsley Benefits, Did You Know?

Parsley is a wonder-herb with an incredible number of health-inducing properties. Since ancient times it has been crushed up and used in traditional medicine to treat everything from heavy menstrual bleeding and constipation to hypertension (high blood pressure) and infections. It has even been cooked into poultices and used to heal bruises, bites, as well […]

The Sage Leaf is Extraordinary

Sage Herb is the Word, Bird

Native to the Mediterranean, Sage is a small herb plant. It has average-length leaves and is an unimposing green-gray color. Its flowers are neither beautiful nor eye-catchingly ugly. Sage stems are not remarkably tall or impressively spread. In fact, if you didn’t know better, you’d think to walk right by without a second glance. To […]