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Sqirl is a whole lot more than a breakfast shop.

Sqirl Restaurant in LA

You know you have arrived at a place that is unique, when you find yourself biting into dishes that you could not find anywhere else. Sqirl is just that kind of place. At a glance, it may have the appearance of your average breakfast/lunch café, serving toast, coffee, tea, salads, and sandwiches. Come To Sqirl […]

Sqirl is nuts

Sqirl Is Nuts

Whether it’s for Breakfast, Lunch, Or Even Brunch, Come to Sqirl   Famous for its out-the-door weekend queues spilling into the Silver Lake neighbourhood of LA, Sqirl is snugly tucked away behind a Tabebuia tree. Open from 8am until 4 in the afternoon, it serves an exciting-looking selection of breakfast and lunch dishes to its […]