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Yum. I made this recipe up today. It's going to go in the cookzine I am working on.

Reasons to Go Vegan

“So, what do you eat?” It’s the age-old question every vegan is asked, at least once. Often times, it is a lot more than once. To that, I usually respond with: “well, I eat everything that you eat, really, except for what comes from animals.” And it is that, plain and simple. I eat what […]

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Becoming Vegan

These days, more and more people are becoming vegan. You can call it a trend, a fad, a phase, a thing. Any term you want to use is fine by me. It doesn’t matter. Veganism, as a diet and a way of life, is spreading fast. Thankfully, people are beginning to open up their eyes […]


A Cruelty Free Vegan Lifestyle

You can see it on random products, here and there, at the supermarket. At the health food store. Online. Those two tiny words: cruelty free. Those two words encompass a whole world view. An entire way of life. Veganism. And contrary to what some people think, it isn’t just people in California who are deciding […]

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The Many Benefits of Vegan Living

You don’t need to be a scientific researcher to see what people are dying from these days. There are a lot of diseases and conditions associated with eating animal products, and there are no two ways about it. Even though the meat and dairy industries are doing their best to justify their actions and feed […]