A Very HomeBistro Thanksgiving

Easiest, Most Delicious Thanksgiving

This past Thankgiving, I decided I had had it. This year, I was taking time off. My four boys were all coming home from different parts of the country.  They were all arriving a couple of days before the holiday, and I wanted to guarantee we spent as much time together as we could. I honestly didn’t know when we would all have the chance to meet like this next, and I decided to welcome it and fully embrace it by not cooking a single thing.

The whole family comes home for the holidays

The whole family comes home for the holidays

This year, I told them, we will let someone else do the cooking, and simply enjoy one another’s company. I did some research, and eventually decided to go with HomeBistro. It seemed to me that they were the best choice, and I could only hope that their stuffed beef tenderloin roast was up to the task of satisfying my four guys.

I’ll give you the bottom line – totally worth the money. Every single cent.

The food was amazing. It arrived on time, well-packaged, and easy to heat. I had never ordered a full holiday meal before, online or offline, and I was very anxious to see how this will turn out. I told myself that the holidays are not about food, but about being together, and that if something does go wrong, I will not be devastated and get all sad. I would have simply learned my lesson.

I learnt a different lesson than I had worried about learning. That lesson was – do it more! Sometimes, it is easy to get caught in the one-up game, or to be fixated on the idea that ‘no, no, nothing delivered for me or my family! I will make everything from scratch, even if it kills me!’. But in all seriousness, it is always worth the mental and physical effort? Doing all of the prepping, planning, shopping, chopping, sautéing, cooking, baking, etc. etc. etc. Wow. What a headache.

“I’ll Be Back”… for more!

So, this year, I ordered HomeBistro Thanksgiving holiday roast. The entrée is a dish of stuffed natural beef tenderloin, with mushrooms and Gouda. The beef is brown on the outside and juicy on the inside. The filling is very rich, and that first bite was absolute heaven.

Gobble, gobble!

Gobble, gobble!

For sides, there were creamy mashed potatoes, sweet maple-glazed roasted vegetables, crispy Brussels sprouts, and the ever-popular creamed corn, made in a way which complimented the rest of the dishes to perfection.

Needless to say, we all ate till we were about to burst. The portions were very generous, and my boys were definitely satisfied. We finished off the meal with HomeBistro’s traditional plain cheesecake, and at that point we could barely make it to the couch.

I went even a step further. Even though I am usually very environmentally-conscious, I decided to use paper and plastic. This way, when our feast – it really was a feast – was over, I was able to quickly get rid of everything. I spent the rest of the evening not washing dishes but instead hanging out with my boys.

Best holiday ever – thanks to HomeBistro.

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