BistroMD Provides Macronutrients for Healthier Metabolism

How do you manage to lose weight and keep it off, while simultaneously enjoying the pleasures of eating high-quality, chef-prepared gourmet meals?

A hectic schedule can get in the way of learning and preparing new recipes

A hectic schedule can get in the way of learning and preparing new recipes

I’ll give you a hint: BistroMD. Aw, hell. I gave it away too soon. Well, anyway…

This post is all about BistroMD, which is a diet developed by Dr. Caroline J. Cedarquist, a certified bariatric (weight-treatment doctor) with over 20 years of experience in her field. While treating patients in her practice, she noticed that many of them had insufficient time to plan out and cook healthy meals throughout the week. Like so many before them, life had a way of interfering with their plans. They all wanted to lose weight, but even those patients who were truly committed, and who had begun to work out, etc., could not find the time to learn healthier recipes, work on cooking them, and achieve the nutritional balance necessary for a long-lasting dietary habit.

This was a real issue, and Dr. Cedarquist set out to address it by founding BistroMD in 2005. The idea behind the diet was simple enough to understand and follow. Choosing from a 5- or 7-day weekly meal plan, dieters customized their menu to fit their preferences and particular tastes, and took the food variable out of the equation. This was the main game-changer, which makes BistroMD so appealing.

Scientifically Tested

This diet takes the sting out of the word ‘diet’. No more erratic grocery shopping, no more unbalanced, nutritionally-deficient meals, and no more calorie counting or point accumulating. Also, dieters get nights off, so they can enjoy structured breaks from the program and indulge in any of their beloved, familiar foods, without feeling like they are cheating or doing wrong.

Also, unlike other diets, there are no tiny portions, no freeze-dried foods, no monosodium glutamate (MSG), no trans-fat, and no aspartame – only fresh ingredients, some of which are bought locally at farmer’s markets. There are plans for men and women of varying ages and builds, and there is even a non-gluten option and a diabetic option.

This is a diet that was developed for results, but it doesn’t sacrifice the dieter’s sanity or taste buds in the process. It is a scientifically-tested diet, guaranteed to bring success to those who stick with it. The idea is not just to lose the weight, but to hit the reboot button on the body’s metabolism, so that the weight doesn’t make a comeback right after the goal has been reached.

Sample BistroMD menu

Sample BistroMD menu

With over 100 different meals to choose from, customization of a menu is as easy as logging into the BistroMD website and altering your preferences to reflect the desired tastes. This diet shows that dieting is not only a journey of culinary discovery, but that it is one which can and should be enjoyed whenever possible. Case in point – the peanut butter cookie, the mini chocolate cheesecake, and the beef with red wine sauce and roasted vegetables. These are delicious and nutritious.

So, why does this plan work? In two simple words: because science.

The body can sometimes develop a state of metabolic dysfunction. This is a hormonal imbalance, and its causes vary from age and lifestyle to medication and genetic disposition. This condition makes it so the body has difficulty losing weight, but almost no problem at all gaining it. Not an easy situation.

Resetting Metabolism

The goal of the BistroMD way of eating is to get the body back to its normal state. By resetting your metabolism and getting all of the required macronutrients, the body can properly metabolize. This ensures that pounds are continually shed, and that they don’t make a comeback.

This diet is not for everyone. Some people can’t stand to eat the same things in a rotation. Other may feel the price is too high. This diet is fine for a single person or even a couple, but probably not ideal for entire families. A fitness or exercise program is not provided, however there is a team of BistroMD dietitians and fitness professionals, who are there for consultation purposes. These can provide support to dieters throughout the process, and make the journey that much more personal and effective.

Bistro MD has been featured on Dr. Phil, The Doctors, The Biggest Loser, CNN Money, and Lifetime.

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