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Stop yo-yo dieting already!

Stop yo-yo dieting already!

It can be tough to diet. I yo-yoed all throughout my 20s, and when I reached 31 I decided that something needs to change. I had just had my first baby, and I wanted to take advantage of the situation by losing the belly fat and getting my body back on track in the process. I knew that I wasn’t going to breastfeed (personal reasons), so there were no restrictions on my diet. I was through with Atkins, point-system programs, calorie counting, and all kinds of other methods which eliminate entire food-groups. Done. I was looking for something that I could jump right into after maternity leave, when I was back at work. Weight loss after pregnancy is no small feat, and I wanted to give my body some time to recuperate, and then to change the way I eat for a while.

Remember the famous African proverb: it takes a village to raise a child

Well, I had no village. It was just me and my husband. So, in regards to dieting, I knew two things:

First – I knew this baby was going to have me and his father living on his schedule, so that the chances of me learning all kinds of new recipes and having the time to cook them was slim to nonexistent. If I am dieting and cooking healthy meals from scratch, that means I am focusing on me. Focusing on myself, with a baby? Who are you kidding?

Self-focus is a luxury some new mothers cannot afford. For some, like me, it seems that the first months are just a haze of bottles, diapers, 3 AM feedings, gas-induced cries, and spit-up filled cloths. Are you telling me I am supposed to deal with all of that and manage to prepare and eat three balanced, healthy meals a day?! Good luck. There is no way. Not me. I knew that if I attempted this myself, I may be biting off more than I can chew. I know when to admit I could use some help. Doing it myself? That is no way to diet. Not now, anyway.

Second – I knew that if I didn’t start somewhere, this belly could very well accompany me for quite some time, all the way to the next pregnancy. I did not want that. I had gotten pregnant when I was already overweight, and it was not fun at all. The last two months of the pregnancy were exceptionally difficult. My body was a wreck. It was heavy, achy, uncomfortable, and downright annoying. I said to myself that the next time I get pregnant, I have to be lighter.

Proactive Dieting with BistroMD

So, after some time at home, I signed up with BistroMD. I am so glad I did. This program is the creation of Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist, a weight-treatment specialist. BistroMD was founded in 2005, when Dr. Cederquist decided to play a more serious role in her patients’ journey to weight-loss. Her desire to contribute in a proactive way resulted in the formation of BistroMD, a weight-loss meals on wheels style system. The good doctor, along with dieticians and fitness professionals, came up with menus which are altogether nutritionally balanced.

The BistroMD promise

The BistroMD promise

BistroMD has several programs which are specifically designed for women. There is a standard option, a gluten-free option, a diabetic option, as well as a program aimed at menopausal women, dealing with different hormonal shifts.

In fact, the program itself is based on the idea that metabolic dysfunction – essentially, hormonal imbalance – is the main reason for weight being easily gained and very painstakingly shed. This is the guiding principal behind BistroMD’s philosophy. Using science, not guesswork, BistroMD strives to relieve the dieter from the task of shopping, cooking, and constant wondering what to eat next and how much. The logistics of starting a new diet can be a great source of strain, and nobody needs that. After all, we are dieting in an attempt to become better version of ourselves, not to become embittered and frustrated carrot-munching robots.

BistroMD blueberry cheesecake

BistroMD blueberry cheesecake

This is a great diet for losing weight. It is good for those who are looking at a specific ballpark, and who have a plan of action. It can be also be equally useful to those who don’t follow a specific health and fitness regimen, but who feel that they want to eat healthier and feel better.

Today, my boy is growing very nicely, and I am still at my ideal weight. I was on BistroMD for a few months, and by the time Mister Baby was sleeping through the night, I was at my goal. It wasn’t easy. After such a period of discomfort and re-adjustment, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed with my favorite snacks.

Out of the seven-day and five-day plans, I went with the five-day one. I figured it was enough to get me where I need to go. I wanted to get the chance to eat differently, but on days when I was eating BistroMD, I stuck to it.

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