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There are many different meal delivery systems on the market today. Some of them are geared towards those who are trying to lose weight / eat healthy, while others are more suited for people who are interested in eating high-quality food in their homes.

Either way, the idea is meals which are delivered to your door. It is a chance to eat better, heathier, and cleaner – without having to go through the major hassle of planning, finding recipes, driving, parking, walking, shopping, chopping, dicing, mixing, cooking, baking, freezing, and doing so many other things on top of that…

Don’t get me wrong. Planning and executing your own meals on a regular basis is great. If you can pull that off, and are happy and healthy, then by all means continue doing it.

Some of us don’t have the time. This isn’t an admission of failure, but it represents a shift in priorities. HomeBistro’s convenience factor is really high, and that goes along way. You get gourmet food delivered right to your door, thereby taking the hard work out of the equation. All that is left for you to do is heat it up and eat it up.

What is Home Bistro?

DineWise – which HomeBistro is a part of – is one of the oldest and most well-known meal delivery systems in the United States. It started out as Colorado Prime Foods, way back in 1959. The company was founded in Farmingdale, New York, and for many years it provided its customers with the finest selections of beef, poultry, seafood, pork, vegetables, and a long list of other foods. People were able to get the gourmet experience delivered straight to their door, and many took advantage of Colorado Prime Food’s famous steaks and other entrées.

DineWise Thai Shrimp

DineWise Thai Shrimp

In 2005, Colorado Prime Foods re-branded itself. It changed its name to DineWise, and began putting a lot of emphasis on its website. Since then, it has been dominating the meal delivery market. Colorado Prime Foods is still around, but it focuses mostly on steaks.

In 2009, DineWise acquired HomeBistro (founded in 1999). This move gave DineWise access to HomeBistro’s customer base, confidential recipes, and inventory. While DineWise’s client base was made up primarily of diabetics, low-sodium consumers, various dieters, and seniors – Home Bistro specialized in chef-prepared frozen meals, soups, and appetizers. They were going for a very different crowd. There were some light and low-carb selections in Home Bistro’s catalog, but its main focus was gourmet.

Today, DineWise (and HomeBistro) continues to offer high quality meals, made up of appetizers, entrées, side dishes, and desserts. These are not intended solely for dieters, but some do use it for the purpose of eating right, which facilitates weight loss.

Others choose to order meals simply because they dislike cooking, or are just no good at it. I know – at a glance, it seems like some sort of easy way out, but nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, it means that people are willing to work hard (investing money can be hard for some) to get back on a healthier track.

And, for those who are actually looking for an “easy way out”, this is a no-brainer. You mean to tell me I could be enjoying restaurant-quality roasted duck with succulent orange sauce (and a side of rosemary redskin potatoes), while I am in my pajamas, on the couch, watching TV? Yes, please!

Home Bistro Prepared Meals

HomeBistro has a number of lifestyle menu choices on their website: vegetarian, DASH (low sodium), diabetic (low glucose), and senior (balanced). The website also offers meal packages of varying sizes, from a romantic dinner for 2 to an assortment of 14 meals. There are also dishes which rotate on a regular basis: chef’s table selections, desserts, and certain special food items.

Ordering HomeBistro for someone (or, alternatively, sending them a gift certificate) can be a very thoughtful gift. Anyone who has ever been home sick or injured; anyone who has ever been home with a newborn baby; anyone who has the proverbial rug swept from under them knows that sometimes you could use a hand. It is the perfect solution for many situations.

HomeBistro is one of the fastest, easiest, most efficient ways to get what you need on the go. It is an ideal setup not only for those who are house- or bed-ridden, but also for those who are constantly in motion. The heating instructions vary from meal to meal, but very often all that is required to eat a HomeBistro meal is a stove or microwave oven. All meals take 10 minutes or less to heat up.

The meal delivery system is very reminiscent of Meals on Wheels, and in a way Meals on Wheels is its not-for-profit predecessor. The meal delivery system which served as the foundation for modern-day “Meals on Wheels” organizations came about in 1943, when the United Kingdom was braving Nazi Germany’s Luftwaffe and its bombings. At that time, many people lost their homes, and were unable to prepare their own food. Volunteers went around delivering meals to those who were in danger of going hungry. Over the years, the system has changed, but Meals on Wheels and its team of volunteers are still doing great things.

Home for the Holidays

Another time when HomeBistro is ideal is at holidays and such. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge that your holiday meal is already being taken care of. Ordering chef-prepared holiday meals means that you can focus on what the holidays are actually about: spending time with your loved ones.

Even though many people insist on making their holiday feast from scratch, it can be a very welcomed change of pace. Let HomeBistro take care of the shopping, prepping, cooking, and delivery. All you have to worry about is ordering enough, because – make no mistake – people are going to want second and third helpings. HomeBistro has several holiday feast options, which include an entrée and a selection of sides. Beef Wellington, stuffed turkey, tenderloin roast – and more.

Food arrives ready and waiting to be warmed up

Food arrives ready and waiting to be warmed up

Another wonderful feature which exists on HomeBistro’s website – and which serves to further separate them from the pack – is the Marketplace. This is the section for those who are interested in using HomeBistro’s premium ingredients for their own cooking endeavors, instead of having HomeBistro prepare a meal. The Marketplace has it all: meats, fish, appetizers, and desserts. It even carries a package of 8 deli-style all-beef franks, as well as jumbo steak burgers (12 or 24 pack). No grill is complete without them!

Another section where customers can find some grill-worthy food items is at the steak packages page. The steaks which are offered in this section are by Prime Colorado Steaks. Spiral sliced honey ham, prime rib, NY strip, filet mignon, sirloin, ribeye. Many available options, all of them USDA Grade A meat. Steaks come in packages of 8 or 12.

As far as ordering is concerned, nothing could be easier. HomeBistro delivers to the continental U.S. (So sorry, Hawaii and Alaska), and one doesn’t even need to be at home. The packages are shipped via FedEx, and are given “Driver Release” status so there is no need to sign.

Unlike other things you may buy online, food has to be treated differently. It requires a great deal of care. To guarantee that food is treated properly, HomeBistro only ship Monday through Wednesdays. This is done in order to avoid having customers’ orders sitting in a shipping warehouse over the weekend. Orders are shipped out immediately, or as many as five days from the date you made your order. This depends greatly on the day and time you order.

Once an order is ready, HomeBistro sends a tracking number. This way, customers can be sure to be at home when (or soon after) the package arrives. If a recipient isn’t home, the order is typically left at an exterior door. Orders are sent packed with dry ice to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.

Flash-Freezing Process

And speaking of perfect conditions, let’s discuss freshness.

HomeBistro claims that their items are even better than fresh. How can they make this claim? Well, it is easy. All of the ingredients, produce, and meats are farm-fresh. The chefs at HomeBistro use food that was harvested at the peak of maturity and flavor.

Okay, so far so good. That is fresh. But how does my fresh order get to my doorstep with its freshness intact?

Well, as soon as an order leaves the kitchen, it is flash-frozen. Flash-freezing is a process that freezes products in seconds, rather than hours. Tiny ice crystals are formed within the food, and they lock in the moisture and guaranteeing that when the dish is reheated is will be full of flavor and fresher than fresh.

As food ages, its nutrients are lost. Food that ends up in supermarkets is usually picked weeks in advance, and then shipped across the country before ending up at the grocer’s shelf. The sign on the top of that isle may read ‘fresh produce’, but in truth it is probably far from it. The longer food items are sitting around, the less fresh they are.

Frozen food can be just as delicious and healthy

Frozen food can be just as delicious and healthy

HomeBistro has no contracts, no month- or year-long subscription plans, no hidden fees, and no intention of locking you (or your credit card) into a specific program. The process is simple. Log on, place an order, and track it to your door. Each and every order is treated on a case-by-case basis, so customers can order once and not fear of being charged for any surprise shipments.

Dieting can be murder. Losing weight is one of the hardest things to do. There are many challenges and obstacles to overcome. Part of what could make the process a lot easier is if the actual diet is tasty and satisfying. If you have tried any pre-made diet foods, you know that (more often than not) it can barely pass for food. Since when does ‘diet food’ equal a smorgasbord of overpriced, unseasoned, inedible slop?

For those who are interested in dieting without having to change, well, everything – HomeBistro offers a great way to lose weight. Dieters are used to having to make a choice when it comes to food: it can either be tasty, or calorie-smart. It usually cannot be both at the same time. This is where the HomeBistro Lighter Side menu comes in. It is a diverse, tasty, and calorie-smart menu, which includes chicken breasts, stuffed turkey, grilled salmon, stuffed eggplant, assorted meal packages, and other options.

Lighter Side Menu Offerings

HomeBistro doesn’t advertise itself as a diet, per se, but its Lighter Side menu is a great solution for those who are interested in eating right and losing weight. As seen from the examples, some of the Lighter Side meal options have 500 calories or less in them. The only component missing is a physical exercise regimen, and that can be instated regardless of any kind of nutrition plan, be it high or low calorie.

Dinner is served..

Dinner is served..

Some of my personal favorites include:

  • Grilled Chicken Breast w/Mushroom Gravy, Quinoa & Rice Blend and Glazed Carrots (450 calories)
  • Blackened Tilapia with Red Pepper Sauce, Brown Rice & Red Beans and Broccoli (390 calories)
  • Teriyaki Grilled Salmon w/ White & Wild Rice and Kale (320 calories)


Whether you are looking for a better or smarter way to eat, or are trying to lose weight in a healthier way, or whether you simply want to eliminate the hassle of preparing and cooking your meals, altogether – HomeBistro is a quick and elegant solution.

If you want to see how your life and nutritional views can change for the better, give HomeBistro’s chefs a chance to impress you with their talent. Even if you end up going in another direction, you will no doubt remember the convenience and the ease in which gourmet food arrived at your door. And who knows? You may stick with it, and become part of an ever-growing family of satisfied HomeBistro foodies.

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