Healthy Eating Plan for Busy People with BistroMD

Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist, a bariatric (weight treatment) physician, had a practice. A decade ago, she decided she wanted to help her patients lose weight in a more active way. She came up with BistroMD, a weight-loss meals delivery system.

Not everyone has the time to prepare meals from scratch

Not everyone has the time to prepare meals from scratch

Dr. Cederquist found that a large number of her patients had problems with losing weight due to their inability to keep a busy schedule and shop, cook from scratch, and get used to making new recipes. Using new ingredients, shopping in new supermarket isles, cooking in different ways, and learning the subtleties of the various dishes. It’s a lot of work, and not everyone has the time (or, frankly, the necessary talent) to create some of these dishes properly.

Dieting Made Easy(er)

Bistro MD is a perfect solution for those who wish to keep their daily schedule, but eat differently. All one has to do is heat up the food, and enjoy. That way, you don’t have the hassle and guesswork that comes with changing your diet. You simply eat the food, get the nutrients you need, and continue with whatever you were doing. It is an easy cleanup, and while the use of Styrofoam containers for packaging is somewhat regrettable, the food arrives by FedEx on a weekly basis, and it takes a load off of the dieter. It frees up time, and no extra energy is spent on thinking ‘ah, geez, what am I gonna eat tonight?’ It is a great kick start to any weight-related lifestyle change. The great thing about this plan is that it is backed by science. I know, all fads are, right? But this isn’t a fad. This is a tried and true system that doesn’t make false promises, nor have a ton of meetings and strict guidelines.

This plan encourages breaking away, but in a structured fashion. Those who order the seven-day meal plan get seven breakfasts, seven lunches, and six dinners. The missing weekly dinner is designated ‘My Night’, where dieters can eat whatever it is they want. This is done in order to let dieters keep former foods in the rotation as well.

It is physically and mentally healthy to indulge in something once in a while. Weight-loss programs which advocate eliminating a certain type of food or specific food-groups may cause dieters to “sin”, feel guilty, and begin a self-destructing spiral of shame and failure that eventually leads to total abandonment of the diet and its limits. It is not true of everyone, of course, but a lot of people can relate to these feelings.

BistroMD may seem to some like an easy way out. A lazy approach to dieting. It is, in fact, very much the opposite. A person who begins the BistroMD program isn’t running away from anything, or not dealing with the issue at hand. It means that this person has the integrity and the sense to admit that even though they may have no time, they are still interested in eating right. They are willing to invest some money into getting back in shape. This is no admission of failure or laziness – it is overcoming them.

Ideal for Those with Specific BMI Target

So much variety to choose from

So much variety to choose from

This plan also has dieticians and fitness professionals on staff, but BistroMD is not necessarily a lifetime program. It is geared towards dieters. In other words, this plan is great for people with a specific BMI target in mind. It takes a lot of the hassle out of the equation, and that can do a lot. A sound mind in a sound body. That is achievable.

There is a healthy eating plan for everyone, including men, women, gluten-free dieters, and diabetics. There are over 100 entrées to choose from, so it is easy to customize and personalize the weekly meals. Every package has the ingredients and nutrition facts on it, and even though some of the dishes may be somewhat high in fat or sodium – which may be a deal-breaker for some – these meals are otherwise very balanced, healthy, tasty, and satisfying.


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