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I crashed my bike. A rock on the road caused me to grow wings and fly right off the bicycle. Good thing it was late at night, so no cars were there. Someone who saw what had happened came over. He called an ambulance when he saw I could not move.

Home Bistro

Home Bistro

A few hours later, I was back home after a visit to the emergency room. I was lucky. The X-rays were all negative, but the doctors said I needed 10 days of bedrest.

My wife was about to leave for a week-long conference. She wanted to stay, but I asked her not to. She had been waiting for this thing for months. Still, she worried about how I would go grocery shopping, and what I was going to eat. I told her I’ll manage. She didn’t buy it, and wanted to make sure I was taken care of. She went online and ordered a bunch of entrées, sides, and desserts from HomeBistro.

A few days later, she left at 4 AM. The food arrived later that day, and I was happy to get it. I took a look at every item, put things in the freezer, and decided that it was very cool of her to do what she did. I had to admit that even if I was absolutely fine, there is a good chance I would have ended up slumming it for a week, and living like a carefree bachelor. Basically, that meant lots of potato chips, store-brand frozen pizza, beer, cartoons, X-box online tournaments, and rice n beans. But I wasn’t. I now had a stock of gourmet food! And on top of all that, I didn’t have to feel bad for missing work. I was chilling out in accordance with my doctor’s orders. “This bicycle crash was brought to you by HomeBistro!”

All kidding aside, I was pretty banged up. Nothing broken, but my body was in pain for a few days. Luckily, I was able to sleep like a normal person. My arm now boasts a new scar, thanks to that rocky road. I managed to get to the door when FedEx came a-knocking. I took the Home Bistro delivery order inside and began the process of opening things up.

First Impressions of Home Bistro

It was nice to see all of these different foods and ingredients that had filled up the freezer all of a sudden. The old ball-and-chain made me promise to eat them all, and not leave anything for her. What can I say? She likes taking care of me. Going over my menu for the next week, I quickly realized that never – not in a hundred years – could I successfully pull off the dishes which had arrived in perfect condition at my doorstep. I thought to myself: huh. This should be interesting.

Not just raw food, but real gourmet deliciousness

Not just raw food, but real gourmet deliciousness

I am no major foodie, as you may have gathered. I could have easily spent that week eating out of several cans, like a dog. And I mean that in the most positive way. Experiencing that jobless bachelor life again for a week – beer, pizza, afternoon naps, noodles, and falling sleeping on the couch in front of the TV at 2 AM – it was actually something I was looking forward to. The whole bicycle injury thing was just a way to make it seem more legit.

So, for a week I ate all kinds of HomeBistro meals. Not 24/7. I also ate things that were in the house, and yes, one night I ordered a big extra-cheese pepperoni pizza.

The food was very good. I wouldn’t have thought it would be, honestly, simply because it arrives in packaging. Let me tell you – when they say flash-freezing locks in the taste and freshness, they mean it. These meals were great, and except for one dish (the crab tasted a little rubbery) they were all awesome. I ate them during that week I was recuperating, and they saved me a lot of time and energy which was better spent playing video games.

And that is how it came to pass that in the spring of 2015 I got a surprise vacation in my own house. The circumstances were not the greatest, but the food was great.

Favorite Entrées

  • Beef Wellington

    Beef Wellington

    The Mediterranean crusted chicken breast. It comes with this risotto and succotash that are simply amazing.

  • The Beef Wellington with mustard sauce. I never had it before, to be honest. Because of that, I have no frame of reference, but I thought it was great.
  • The lemon grilled tofu with roasted potatoes and roasted carrots. I like tofu, and this dish took it to another level of greatness. I love how the grill really turned the tofu into a lemony, juicy, healthy main dish.


I added some seasoning to a few of the dishes I ate. I love adding fresh herbs from the few plants we have growing at the sunniest window sill in the apartment.

I would definitely recommend this as an ideal solution for anyone who wants to enjoy a meal, or two, or five, or ten – without the hassle of planning, shopping, chopping, dicing, baking, cooking, etc. etc.

And man, the food is tasty. Really tasty. This is probably the perfect course of action for anyone who is sick and unable to cook, or maybe for moms/dads with a new baby. There is a good chance my wife and I will be ordering some food from them for our upcoming anniversary. Thanks, HomeBistro. You helped out a brother in a real pinch. I want to try more entrées, and I hope that time I won’t have to crash my bike.


Another online food delivery system to look into is BistroMD… with all these options, who needs to leave the house for the supermarket anymore?

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