Home Bistro: Not Just Diet Food

No need to worry about grocery shopping

No need to worry about grocery shopping

HomeBistro really taught me the difference between a diet delivery service, and a meal delivery service. Even though HomeBistro does carry the option of ordering meals which are on the lighter side, it is not a diet company. And even though the website does carry the option of ordering two-week 14-meal packages, it is not part of any set subscription plan.

Many dieters can and do take full advantage of HomeBistro and its wonderful dishes, but it is certainly not a classic weight-loss diet system. There are no auto-deliveries, and there is nothing pre-selected. Customers are free to choose any meals they wish to eat, and are not bound to selecting meals from a specific category or section.

Real Gourmet Food

Home Bistro offers beef, pork, seafood, etc..

Home Bistro offers beef, pork, seafood, etc..

So, that is the first thing you want to know about HomeBistro. It is not a diet company – it is a gourmet food company. Those two don’t necessarily have to contradict, but – let’s face it – they often do. There is a big difference between them. Over the years, HomeBistro became associated (for some Americans) with the market in which companies like eDiets and Nutrisystem operate. A market where long-term subscriptions are sold, where the name of the game is weight loss, and where – sadly – quantity trumps quality. And it isn’t even the good kind of quantity. In other words, the portions are small, and the quantity factor mostly pertains to calories or lack thereof. In the mad race to lose weight faster, flavor, texture, and the subtle art that is food preparation are all thrown out the window.

So, it is to their credit that HomeBistro didn’t start off as a diet company, but more as a semi-personal caterer of sorts. These days, it continues to offer the best in beef, poultry, seafood, pork, vegetables, and other foods. It does have several meals which are on the lighter side, and some others which can definitely be categorized as diabetic-friendly and senior-friendly, but essentially HomeBistro’s meals are first and foremost gourmet.

Whether a customer is looking for great-tasting prepared cuisine, or whether a customer is looking to create their own meals – using HomeBistro’s high quality raw meats, fish, and fresh ingredients can be a game-changer. And, as a bonus, it can also suit customers who are looking for a few weeks of dieting, without sacrificing their quality of life. This is what separates HomeBistro from the rest, and it is definitely a winning hand.

What makes many diet delivery systems succeed is the convenience factor. But in most cases, the food is subpar and totally not worth the convenience. It is as if the diet delivery companies are saying “yes, we’ve done all the hard work for you, but it comes at a price!” And that price is taste, texture, experience – in another word, quality. After a while, you start wondering if all diet food is automatically bland and inedible. Can’t blame you. Not every premade meal delivery company has a Certified Executive Chef, as HomeBistro does.

HomeBistro has a number of lifestyle diets on their website: vegetarian, DASH (low sodium), diabetic (low glucose), and senior (balanced). It offers meal packages of various sizes, and a gift option is also available.

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