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It’s no small feat to be designated as a Certified Executive Chef

Right off the bat, Home Bistro looks like a winner. Their chef is a Certified Executive Chef, which is saying a lot. There are over 1,000,000 trained chefs in the United States, and only 0.32% of them carry the American Culinary Federation’s CEC designation. It is an honor to being Certified. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. There aren’t many meal delivery companies (or diet delivery companies, for that matter) which can boast that fact.

And speaking of meals and diets – there is a huge difference between meal deliveries and diet deliveries. Some companies claim there is no difference… Of course there is. There is a fundamental difference between gourmet food that also happens to be light and diet-friendly, and foods which are targeted for weight loss. Diet food does not have to mean “bland and unappealing”, but in a lot of cases that is precisely what it is.

HomeBistro was acquired by DineWise in 2009. DineWise have been in the food business since 1959 (back then, they were called Colorado Prime Foods), and together with HomeBistro they provide customers with the option of ordering gourmet food that will fit any mood.

Something for Everyone

At HomeBistro’s website, there are many different meal combinations to take advantage of. The website provides details on everything, in order for the customer to get to the best possible deal. There are different menus, lifestyle, and packages (Romantic Dinner for Two, Dinner Party in a Box, Something Fishy Going on Here, and Tasting Trio are examples) to choose from.

HomeBistro also has the option of sending a gourmet meal to someone as a gift, as well as a variety of gift certificates. Steak packages are also available, and customers will be able to choose from steak samplers of various sizes, prime rib dinner for 10 (!), spiral-sliced honey ham, and other unique packages.

One of the greatest HomeBistro features is the Marketplace. It is the place for shoppers who would like to take advantage of HomeBistro’s finest selection of raw meats, fish, herbs, and other ingredients, for their own creations. Items such as pork porterhouse steaks, ground beef patties, lamb loin chops, and sirloin steaks are available for customers who want the best for their kitchen. Also, available in the Marketplace – desserts, sides, and other foods. It gives the customer the ability to shop with confidence and seriousness, knowing that HomeBistro is going to deliver the best of the best, all the way to the front door.

Healthy Options

Home Bistro turkey meat loaf

Home Bistro turkey meat loaf

I know of some people who do use HomeBistro as a diet occasionally, but only for a few weeks at a time. They do it to make sure they don’t overeat. They order the good stuff, the high class stuff – gourmet food – to provide themselves with some sort of framework.

The Lighter Side menu has many options, such as turkey meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans, grilled salmon with root vegetables, spinach and ricotta stuffed eggplant with roasted peas and baby onions, and even lemon-pepper chicken, complete with butternut squash and glazed carrots.

HomeBistro has something for everyone, and it puts customer satisfaction at the top of its list. The company proudly stand behind all of its products. If customers are not satisfied, the company guarantees to replace it or refund the money – depending on the specific circumstances. This is a guarantee, providing the customer has kept the foods in a retrievable state. HomeBistro will pick up the food, and have it evaluated by its quality control team.

There is another section in the HomeBistro website titled “specials”, where customers can take advantage of big discounts on certain items. These items change, and supplies are limited.

So, to sum up a little, HomeBistro is not just another diet meal delivery company. Not by a long shot. It is a company which is dedicated to bringing you gourmet food to your front door. HomeBistro uses the freshest selections and the best ingredients around. Whether or not it will help you lose weight is entirely up to you.

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