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I knew right from the start that HomeBistro wasn’t necessarily intended for dieters. I wasn’t even that interested in exploring their “light” menu. I just needed a few weeks of a balanced meal (read: not cooked by me) to kick start my new workout regimen. I can’t take on too much at the same time, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to start eating right after so many years of poisoning myself with garbage.

Food Delivery Service

Many dishes to choose from with Home Bistro

Many dishes to choose from with Home Bistro

At any rate, I looked into several ‘diet food on demand’ operations, but their food didn’t do that great in the user reviews. People said the food was nothing to get excited about. I happened to catch a banner advertising HomeBistro, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it did not start out as a diet food company. It plenty of experience with home deliveries, and only added the dietetic options later on. It was just a regular gourmet food delivery service, which is what made me choose to order through it.

In other words, I wanted food which wasn’t meant for any other purpose other than enjoyment. It was important to me, because after so many years of eating junk, I wanted to start turning things around. So I wanted to give myself a couple of weeks to sort of reboot my system. I said to myself I will eat only those meals, plus fruits, grains, and/or nuts.

I ordered a few entrées from the website. They arrived via FedEx a few days later, and I was able to enjoy them over the weekend. It was really good. I had no trouble heating them up and eating them up. Everything was very tasty, and I went online again, this time to order enough for a few weeks.

When the food arrived, I was actually excited. I saw that as a very good sign. If I am trying to live healthier and lose some weight in the process, it means that first I take care of what I am bringing into my body. I know that not all of the ingredients in HomeBistro meals are great for you, but you have to pick your battles.

Quality Food

All things considered, I made the right decision. I was eating really high-quality meals for a few weeks, and then I knew more about adequate portion sizes, about balancing nutrients and ingredients, and I got the chance to taste a few dishes that there is no way in all of the blue blazes of hell that I could have prepared myself.

Forget the pizza - you could be eating real quality food from the comfort of your own couch

Forget the pizza – you could be eating real quality food from the comfort of your own couch

After I received the order, there was no need to go online and cancel. Unlike many other food delivery programs, HomeBistro doesn’t require that you sign up for a month’s worth of deliveries or more. All orders are one-time and non-recurring. There are no auto-deliveries, no hidden fees, no long-term subscription plans, and a guarantee of satisfaction. For those who are not satisfied, there is an easy refund/exchange plan. I never used it, but HomeBistro’s customer service is said to be on point, gracious, and attentive.

You don’t have to be in fancy restaurant in order to enjoy a chef-prepared meal. You don’t have to be unable to cook in order to take advantage of amazing gourmet food. You don’t even have to be fully dressed (although it is probably recommended that you are. At least your pants. Your call)!

HomeBistro gourmet meals are a bit more on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for. If the package says filet mignon, or leg of lamb, or raspberry pork chop with risotto, well guess what? That’s exactly what’s in there. This is real food, made by real chefs. This is not a store-bought TV dinner, so get that idea out of your head right now.

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