Lazy Dieting on Nutrisystem for Real Results

"Dieting is just "die" with a T"

“Dieting is just “die” with a T”

Garfield the cat, beloved comic strip hero and lasagna enthusiast, has said that “Diet is ‘die’ with a T”. It’s difficult to argue with that logic. Garfield, in his infinite wisdom, has pinpointed the quintessential issue many have with dieting – it stinks.

Many people associate dieting with limitations, prohibitions, restrictions, which come along with a lot of tasteless, useless, pointless food-measuring, calorie-counting, and scale-stalking. A diet should be about eating healthy and living better, and that is no way to diet. Yeah, you may lose some weight, but you will be miserable. That is surely not the way to live a healthy life.

There is another way. Well, actually, there are several other ways. I say several, because there is no such thing as a perfect diet. Diets are never a one-size-fits-all situation, and if they are they are probably more than a tad scammy. What works for one person could not work for another person. It is a very personal journey, yet some issues are shared by dieters all around the world. Issues like convenience, logistics, support, and a plan.

Lazy Dieting? Don’t Mind if I Do

Nutrisystem is looking to help out those who want to live healthier, to lose weight and never find it again, and to improve their levels of daily energy. It does this by providing dieters with a way to eat right, without having to be the one who plans, shops, prepares, and cooks the food. Some may see this as a lazy person’s kind of diet. To them I say: yes. Yes, it is. Not lazy, per se, but it does cut a very crucial corner. It relieves the dieter from the responsibility of making all of those decisions (planning, shopping, prepping, and cooking) and that saves time and energy, and eases the mental strain.

Call me lazy if you want, but this system worked for me. Again, it may not work for everyone. But lazy dieting on Nutrisystem, with its “delivery diet” kind of approach, manages to provide dieters with everything they need. Once the food is there, all a dieter has to do is follow the program, which is very easy and convenient.

Dieters may go online, look through Nutrisystem’s different plans and packages – various discounts and promotional codes are available – choose one which fits them best, and get to where they want to go, starting today. There are options for women, men, diabetics, and even vegetarians.

The website’s interface is easy to work with, and there is a first-order-only money back guarantee for customers who decide it isn’t for them. For those who are in it for the long term, however, Nutrisystem can be very beneficial. With any plan, dieters receive a welcome kit with their first order. The kit includes:

  • A month’s (28 days) worth of food. Depending on the type of order which was placed, the “introductory week” Fast 5+ meal option will be included.
  • A Quick Start Guide, for a faster adjustment to the diet.
  • My Way Made Easy Magazine – a publication which includes tips, tricks, and advice.
  • Nutrisystem’s Eating Out & Grocery Guide, a way to make health-conscious decisions while dining at restaurants, etc. The guide helps point out the recommended ingredients and portion-sizes for those on the Nutrisystem diet.
  • A Daily Tracker. This is essential, since tracking your food intake helps keep you responsible and accountable. In this game of dieting and staying healthy, accountability means a lot.

The basic, core, and “uniquely yours” food packages vary in some ways: there are differences in price, food-selection options, and access to Nutrisystem’s counseling and support services. For those who want to start out, in order to see if this diet is right for them, I would recommend start with a first month basic or core package. Make sure you use the auto-delivery option, but – should you decide it is not for you – remember you need to cancel before a certain time. Make sure to read Nutrisystem’s refund / cancelation policy.

 Nutrisystem Menu Options

Now, the food itself. Some items, like the breakfast double chocolate muffin, were great. What a way to start the morning! I felt the same way about the buttermilk waffles, and the apple cinnamon oatmeal.

The uniquely yours option has some great features

The uniquely yours option has some great features

Other items were not such a hit, and I made sure to exclude them when I ordered my custom dishes. Culinary creations such as the hickory smoke flavored beef patty, the Santa Fey style chicken, and the bean Bolognese were ones I did without.

Ultimately, I say give it a shot. Because if you find that this diet is good for you, it is the easiest thing in the world. Combined with some exercise and smart choice-making at off nights, you will lose the weight you want to lose. This method is based on cold hard science. On revitalizing your metabolic process, and giving your body the nutrients it needs.

Hearty, healthy meals, delivered straight to your door. No more hassles, less dishes, and a healthier, sounder, more balanced, and altogether better-looking you.

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