Nutrisystem Helped Me Lose Weight Easily

One of the hardest things a person can do is lose weight. I sincerely mean that. Unlike so many other issues and problems, this is one thing which a person literally carries with him, on him, all around him, every single day. It is a tough situation, which can have a potentially very negative effect on a person’s life.

Diets and fads are a-plenty. Every two or three weeks, some hack is on your TV, getting all excited about the latest craze. He is sure to talk about how fad diets don’t work except for – amazingly enough – the one they are trying to get you to buy! What are the odds?

Long-Term Dieting

When I was looking for a way to lose weight, in a responsible fashion, I knew I wanted something which is long-term. A diet that could gradually and safely help me shed some pounds, while allowing me to keep my (relative) sanity, and not feel hungry all the time.

Some of the Nutrisystem menu options

Some of the Nutrisystem menu options

Nutrisystem provided a possible answer. It is a “delivery diet” kind of eating plan, where customers sign up to one of several packages, and receive breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks delivered right to their door. Using this system, customers can continue on with their regular lives. They don’t have to continually think about what to eat, how much, when, where, etc. They don’t have to wonder if they have the time or the strength to get up, walk over to the stoves, and begin chopping, dicing, mixing, frying, heating, cooking, baking, etc. etc.

Cooking is a wonderful activity, but who has the time? There are tons of advantages to planning, shopping, cooking, and creating your own food. Ideally, it is probably the best. But – and this a big but – when you have to start counting calories, measuring food, and accumulating points – well, let’s just say it takes a lot of the fun out of the process. I have tried it. I couldn’t make it work it for me. I even tried to get my family to help me out, and watch what I eat and when. It didn’t last. Eventually, I decided I need some outside assistance. That’s where Nutrisystem came in. And it came at a great time.

Nutrisystem ran a one-minute TV spot. I happened to catch it, and then went online to do some research. The reviews I saw were mixed, but I knew from previous experience that I am not like a lot of others. I happen to not be part of the mainstream, in a lot of cases. Not due to a conscious choice, but just the way I live.

Anyway, I went ahead and ordered a starter package, so to speak. I joined one of the packages, but not on a recurring basis. I didn’t want to have any issues with billing and shipping, so I decided that only if I liked the diet, and saw that it was living up to my expectation (or close enough to that, anyway), I would sign up for the custom menu and automated delivery option. I ended up doing exactly that.

I was on that diet for 10 weeks. The last two of them were more on a transitional kind of plan, but I was still eating foods which were part of the program.

Is It Really Possible to Lose Weight Easily?

And yes, it works. Or, it worked for me. There is always the possibility that it won’t work for everyone. No two people are the same, and no diets affect two people in the exact same way. There are many different things to consider, but I would definitely do it again. Using the Nutrisystem diet took the ‘pain in the neck’ factor out of the diet. I knew what to eat, and when. Food was delivered towards the end of each 4-week cycle, and I supplemented the deliveries with fruits and veggies.

Supplement with fresh fruits and veggies

Supplement with fresh fruits and veggies

As far as exercise goes, I didn’t work out enough. Obviously, exercise is a very important part of any health plan. If your body isn’t moving, you can’t expect to continue losing weight. There is only so much that healthier food will give you. You need to put in the extra effort and attempt to keep some kind of workout regimen.

What makes Nutrisystem work is its simplicity. Nothing too complicated or farfetched. Eat, drink water and/or Nutrisystem shakes, make sure you are using fresh supplements, try and get some kind of physical activity in there as well, and most importantly – listen to your body.

Diets are only as strong and powerful as their human subjects. You need a certain amount of commitment, in my opinion, in order to make this diet (or any diet) work. If you have decided that you are ready to try a different approach, and see how far it can get you, climb aboard and get moving.

Sticking to the Nutrisystem program can definitely help you lose weight – gradually, safely, and without starving yourself or going on crazy diets which may disrupt your lifestyle.

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