Losing Pregnancy Weight With Nutrisystem

Here is the truth: I had no time to do it myself.

Nutrisystem blueberry muffin

Nutrisystem blueberry muffin

I had my third child (a girl after two boys), and unlike the first two times, I needed help to lose the pregnancy weight. I was at a different place in life, with a much more demanding schedule. I even cut my maternity leave a bit short, so I could back to work. I knew I would not have a lot of time to prep food and eat in a balanced way.

I decided to get on the Nutrisystem plan, after doing some research. I also looked into BistroMD, Diet to Go, and Seattle Sutton. Those are all good options, but I went with Nutrisystem and I am happy I did.

This is a plan that is based on science. Yes, yes, I know. So are fads, crazes, and the Easter Bunny. But we’re talking about a company with over 40 years of experience in the field of health and wellness.

Lose Weight (and keep it off) with Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem was founded in 1971, and it has since been providing Americans all across the country with the tools they need to lose weight, keep it off, and live healthier, happier lives. And it does this by providing meals that are fresh, properly proportioned, and healthy. You will find no artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors, no colors or dyes, no high fructose contents, and zero trans-fatty acids.

It is a diet plan for the 21st century. And it is real, in the sense that it acknowledges and addresses an issue which is very common. People want to lose weight and eat healthier, but they find it difficult to incorporate a new diet into their lives. This is the difficulty which Nutrisystem manages to go around. It takes the hassle factor out of the equation, and opens up a world of opportunities. Without the need to plan, shop, prep, cook, store, and – oh, yeah – also eat, the way to healthier living is suddenly lit.

Nutirsystem also has counseling options, for those in need of guidance and support. Trained weight-loss counselors, registered dietitians, and certified diabetes educators are part of the Nutrisystem staff. These professionals provide further support to those who need it.

Results in a Reasonable Amount of Time

Nutrisystem gets real results, but only for those who are committed. This isn’t the kind of diet that will be good for life, but it is a great way to get on the right track. Without having to worry about what to eat next, dieters can completely focus on themselves. And after the weight goal is attained, dieters find that there are also transitional and maintenance plans, which are designed to help those who have reached their goal to keep the weight off. Personalized menu options are selected by the dieter (for example, lunch meals only), and access to digital tools and other means of support are continued.

Pizza time!

Pizza time!

This isn’t a lifelong journey, but for some it can definitely be a long-term one. I was on Nutrisystem for 12 weeks, and it was a great investment. I would do it again, if I ever need to get back on a diet.

Through a system of tracking – without resorting to centers, meetings, and calorie counting – Nutrisystem manages to provide its dieters with a sense of accomplishment and accountability. On the other hand, this means that Nutrisystem’s involvement is pretty minimal, unless the customer wishes to expand that involvement by reaching out to Nutrisystem’s counseling and support services. Otherwise, it is all on the customer to stick with the program, which is why one needs to be committed to the program.

However you choose to look at it, there are a lot of value in Nutrisystem’s program. It can do a lot. Dieting becomes a lot easier without all the guesswork, and that is how Nutrisystem delivers real results.


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