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Don’t eat less – eat better. This is one of the guiding principles behind the BistroMD program. This unique weight loss meals on wheels -ish nutrition plan was developed by Dr. Caroline J. Cedarquist, a certified bariatric (weight treatment doctor) with 20 years of experience.

BistroMD Menu Options

This program has 5-day or 7-day type weekly plan. There are over 100 different meals to choose from, so personalization of the menu is very possible, and can be changed by logging into the Bistro MD website and adjusting your orders to suit your preferences.

Weight loss can still be delicious

Weight loss can still be delicious

Meals are provided on a weekly basis, and those who take advantage of the 7-day plan have one night off which is designated as a “personal choice” night. In other words, it gives dieters the chance to let their hair down, forget about the diet for a night, and eat whatever meal they want. This takes the negative edge out of the whole diet, and allows for progress to take the place instead of dieters becoming stressful, “cheating”, overeating, and eventually leaving the program entirely.

There are gluten free options, diabetic options, man- and woman-specific options, and the opportunity to add snacks to the menu. The food is prepared by chefs, and is shipped in a way which guarantees that when it reaches your door, it will be in great condition. This is not a fad or crazy diet, where entire food groups are eliminated from the menu. This is a balanced and well-planned nutritional program, which can be a big help for those who do not want their diet to disrupt their daily lives.

Diet is generally a pain in the neck. It involves so many changes. It isn’t just the food itself. It is researching ingredients and recipes, shopping for them, spending time to learn how to properly cook these dishes, and having the time to come up with new ideas. It can become a logistical and culinary nightmare, which eventually drives people to fall back into old patterns.

Dieting Shouldn’t Interrupt Your Life

BistroMD takes a lot of the hassle out of the dieting experience. It provides a way for people to continue with their regular lives, without constantly having to wonder what to eat next. BistroMD has meals which help dieters lose weight and eat healthier. Also, the BistroMD staff includes trained dieticians and fitness professionals, with whom dieters can consult.

The menu consists of meals with an emphasis on local foods. BistroMD uses rBGH-free beef, hormone-free chicken, and farmer’s market produce when possible. The resident BistroMD foodie, Ed, uses high quality ingredients in each and every meal – from local, family-owned farm produce to ingredients originating in countries all around the world. These are then used to create inspired new entrées and meal plans.

Dieting doesn't need to be difficult

Dieting doesn’t need to be difficult

This diet was created by a weight-loss specialist, and that is a huge plus. It is also endorsed by The Doctors, as well as Dr. Phil. What makes this diet different is that:
A – Every recipe is made with the proper nutrients in mind. Entrées contain a balance of complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fat ratios.
B – BistroMD was scientifically developed to guarantee real results. It provides food, as well as dietician/fitness support. This turns BistroMD into a real partner on your journey to lose weight.
C – It relieves the dieter of many of the concerns and worries that come along with trying a new diet.

Those are the main differences in a nutshell, but there are more. Simply put, BistroMD offers dieters a higher quality. This is true all around. From the quality of shipping, through the quality of customer service, to that of the food itself – BistroMD has proven itself time and again as a way to lose weight and keep it off.

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