Nutrisystem Got Me To My Ideal Weight

“Wait, how many calories is that?” I heard myself say. I whipped out my phone, punched up the calculator, and ran the numbers. Ugh. I can’t eat that.

I didn't want a calculator telling me what I could eat

I didn’t want a calculator telling me what I could eat

I used to be on a calorie-counting diet, and I did not like it. The diet pushers say that it can help you feel like you’re in control. According to them, it is meant to empower and strengthen the dieter, and reinforce good patterns. Okay, maybe they are right.

The thing is, I was on that diet for a while, and I didn’t feel like that. It was not about me taking control and getting my power back. Instead, it felt like a great big wall of limitations and restrictions. So big, in fact, that I could not endure it. No matter how close the Promised Land was waiting – seemingly just outside of that wall’s gate – I could not do it.

Did I fail? No. It simply wasn’t the diet for me. Not a crime, right? But my mind was made up. I wanted to find a diet that will get me where I needed to get to, without making me feel like I am going hungry or severely limiting myself.

Lose Weight, Not Flavor

The Nutrisystem program offered exactly that. It was a way to lose weight, and not have to give up on eating. More than that, it offered a variety of dishes that would have taken me a long time to plan, create, and make edible if left to my own devices. I admit that I am no wiz in the kitchen. So, Nutrisystem had enough advantages for me to give it a shot.

I began with the basic plan, with the pre-picked popular dishes. Later on, once I saw that this diet was living up to its word and actually working, I moved on to the Uniquely Yours plan, since I wanted to have free access to those frozen dishes and desserts. A change most welcome, I must say. With over 150+ foods to choose from, I never got bored. Different foods were always part of my rotation, and I was able to sail through the months of dieting.

Much more appealing than other "diet" food

Much more appealing than other “diet” food

I lost 30-something lbs., and that is not an easy task to accomplish. There was nothing in my way before, it was simply that I didn’t find other diets tolerable. I am sure that this statement does not apply to everyone, but at my age (I am in my late 40’s), I have earned the right to diet in a way that I find fun. Let the younger people struggle and sweat through it. I have no problem with that. But, I am already a bit older, and I wanted a diet I could get into without feeling like my life was changing.

Nutrisystem has figured out something essential. A key to any healthy nutritional plan. Don’t eat less – eat better. Once you adopt that mindset, you will find that dieting becomes easy. Even after my relationship with Nutrisystem ended, with me achieving my weight goal, I didn’t forget what the diet had taught me – portions, contents, and mindfulness.

Food is not some enemy that needs to be conquered. Quite the opposite, really. Food is there for our benefit, if we learn how to treat it properly. In the old days of Ancient Greece, Hippocrates stated that food should be your medicine, and your medicine should be your food. No truer words have been spoken, diet-wise, and the Nutrisystem program uses them as one of its guidelines.

After a while on this diet, you may find that you are picking up healthier habits. After ideal weightthe diet is over, don’t be surprised if those habits remain. If given enough time, they become automated. You will have a much clearer idea of what your body needs, and – more importantly – how to give it what it needs.

One other thing: this diet is not a lazy person’s diet. It is a realist’s diet. A go-getter’s diet. This program is not about lack of motivation or ignorance. It is meant for people who truly want to lose weight, but who want to achieve that without losing their minds along the way.

The Nutrisystem plans are very diverse. Men, women, vegetarians, diabetics – all are welcome to try it out, and see if it works for them. The cancelation and refund policy is easy to understand, and customer satisfaction is at the top of Nutrisystem’s list.

For those who are in need of guidance and support throughout their journey to weight loss, Nutrisystem houses registered dietitians and fitness experts for just that reason. They are available for consultation all week, and they are happy to help those in need. Dieters who subscribe to the Core or Uniquely Yours plans, this service is included free of charge. To those who are on the Basic plan, it comes with an additional fee.

Finally At My Ideal Weight

Nutrisystem helped me get to my ideal weight. It took some time, but I got there, after being failed by many other diets which didn’t sit well with me, personally. Nutrisystem is very honest about the gradual nature of the weight which is lost during the program. It is a process. This is not some ‘easy come, easy go’ kind of program. Nutrisystem makes sure that the weight you lose actually stays off, providing that you adopt some healthier habits along the way. And Nutrisystem manages to ingrain those habits into the individual’s mind. It gets the job done over time, and lasts far beyond the scope of the actual diet.

When I was done with the Uniquely Yours plan, I used a transitional plan for several weeks. Nutrisystem made it easy to shift back to life without deliveries, and I was very thankful for that. And, once the transitional plan was over, I officially stopped the diet. But, I discovered that I had learned a lot on my journey. I was treating food differently, I was treating myself differently, and that is what I really wanted to achieve. A real change that will last even after the actual diet is finished.

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