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French Bistro

French Bistro

Bistro translates into “small restaurant”. The origin of the word is rooted in Paris, France, where B&B-type apartment owners turned into amateur cooks, and then went on to bigger and better things, moving out of their apartment’s kitchen and setting up shop in the city streets. The practice grew more common, and the word ‘bistro’ became synonymous with the idea of small restaurant, and a menu comprised of moderately priced, home-style dishes.

Now, after that little intro, you will understand why the name HomeBistro is spot on. It is not like a restaurant, exactly. It has a more personal touch. And it’s true – HomeBistro is unlike any other meal delivery system you have seen (or tasted!).

HomeBistro Separates Itself in Several Ways:

A – A Certified Executive Chef (CEC) oversees the quality of the food preparation at HomeBistro. CEC status is given only to a small number of chefs each year, following strict examinations. At this time, there are approximately 1,000,000 trained chefs in the United States, and only 0.32% of them (3,200 chefs) have received CEC certification.

B – This program is not necessarily meant to be a diet, and it is not geared towards those who are attempting to lose weight. However, there are many HomeBistro customers who choose to do just that. HomeBistro offers a diet-friendly Lighter Side menu, to accommodate those who wish to adopt a gourmet framework around which they can build a healthy diet. They also accommodate the lifestyles of diabetics, vegetarians, and seniors.

C – Home Bistro was founded in 1999. It is part of DineWise, a company which has been delivering gourmet food across the continental U.S. for over 50 years.

Forget all the hubbub, bub, how’s the food?

Leg of Lamb with Mustard Sauce, Pan Smashed Garlic Baby Red Potatoes and Succotash

Leg of Lamb with Mustard Sauce, Pan Smashed Garlic Baby Red Potatoes and Succotash

First of all, it’s high quality. Most of the time, it was perfect. They have one or two dishes that could probably stand to be better, but all things considered it is really great. You can definitely taste that this is a chef-prepared gourmet meal you are eating, and having it at home (think sweats and couch lazing) is a great way to enjoy it.

The entrées are the right size. The portions are adequate, and that is important. This stays true in everything I have had. HomeBistro’s meals are filling and satisfying, and they never got boring or lost their tasty edge. The side dishes are also great, and they complimented the entrées very nicely. The asparagus, in particular, was a favorite of mine. As for entrée favorites – I am a sucker for lamb, and the leg of lamb with mustard sauce meal was one I had several times, and it was perfect every time. That meal also includes small potatoes as a side. These potatoes were so good, the mere memory of them is causing my mouth to water and my stomach to demand them again.

Make no mistake – this is nothing like a TV dinner or a Lean Cuisine meal. This is real food, and it looks and tastes like real food should. Take a package, heat it up (boil-in-bag style), transfer it to a real plate, take care of arrangement and presentation if you wish, and then eat it using your own utensils. It is a totally different experience.

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