Chef Suzanne Goin’s Lucques Restaurant

In 2006, Chef Suzanne Goin won the James Beard award for Best Chef: California. She was nominated several times for Beard’s Outstanding Chef of the Year award, and was named among Food & Wine Magazine‘s “best new chefs of 1999″.

The Chef That Does it All

When Suzanne opened up Lucques LA, her first restaurant, back in 1998, it made a splash. She has since gone on to participate in several other exciting culinary endeavors, opening the A.O.C wine bar in 2002, The Hungry Cat seafood restaurant in 2005 (with a second location in 2007), Tavern in 2009, and several The Larder restaurants in 2013 and on, which focus on both casual and gourmet food, and make use of local farms’ organic produce and meats.



It’s not only the fresh ingredients which make Goin’s food exceptional. The local-market-driven, organically-produced, green-as-can-be policy which Suzanne stands by does add a lot, of course, but what makes the biggest difference is the sheer skill and talent which she possesses.


Lucques restaurant LA showcases what is probably Southern California’s best seasonal ingredients, and it has wonderful ambiance and service to boot. Food and drinks come out of the kitchen at a very reasonable pace, and both the indoor dining room and outdoor patio are cozy and elegant without being over-the-top.


Suzanne Goin is known as much for her culinary prowess as she is for her amiable attitude.

Suzanne Goin is known as much for her culinary prowess as she is for her amiable attitude.


One surefire way to experience the sensation that is Lucques is with their Sunday supper, a fixed price 3-course meal served every Sunday from 5:00-9:30. It is possible to view the menu online prior to placing your reservations, and be sure to do that so as to avoid any disappointments. Menus change, so be on the lookout for one which takes your fancy, and then just make it happen. You will not regret it.


Lucques opens Monday-Saturday for lunch and dinner, and on Sundays for supper. Precise hours can be obtained from their website.


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