Factory Kitchen: What’s in a Name?

Why is it named Factory Kitchen? Well, it is located on 1300 Factory Place. Hmm. Well, that explains that. But what is still unexplained is how in the world do they make such amazing pasta? Well, there may be an explanation for that, too. Angelo Auriana, head chef of Factory Kitchen, makes use of local, fresh, seasonal produce and ingredients.

Factory Kitchen

Factory Kitchen

Factory Kitchen is an Italian gem, located in the heart of DTLA. Sure, there have been other Italian restaurants, and there will be others. However, they make an envelope pasta that is one of the best – if not the best – that I have ever tasted. It is places like this that make you want to kick youself in the ass and say: dammit, why can’t I make this at home?! Well, don’t feel bad. When it comes to Chef Auriana’s creations, chances are you can’t make it at home. It takes more than an Italian background or a trip to Europe. It takes a certain touch to be able to produce such amazing dishes, time and again.

Kitchen Factory’s menu likes to change, with daily additions and subtractions made to their menu. It is a fun and rustic kind of place. The décor is very inviting and not at all over the top. The dishes coming out of the kitchen are simply delicious, and they are the kinds of creation that will have you coming back to eat here, again and again.

Factory Kitchen

Leave room for dessert…

A word of advice: whether you are there alone, with a date, or with a friend, order the focaccia. Whatever toppings you want, but do it. A hot, homemade focaccia. What could be better to start you off?

The dish everyone raves about is the envelope pasta, but I decided to go with a different angle, and ordered the prosciutto. Whoa, did I make the right decision. I am sure that the envelope pasta is great, but I have no doubt that I will be coming back to taste this bad boy again. Melt in your mouth deliciousness.

For dessert, I had ice cream with meringue, hazelnuts, chocolate sauce, cherries and, berries. Again, an unconventional choice, considering that many would have said I was an idiot for not ordering the cannoli.

Hey – I live by my own rules.

So, all in all, Factory Kitchen Los Angeles is a great kitchen, indeed. It is anything but a factory. It is an inviting and personal Italian house of food. Get there, check it out yourself, and count yourselves so very lucky to have been there.

Looking to try another great Italian eatery? Orsa and Winston restaurant is another highly acclaimed hotspot in downtown Los Angeles!

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