Fathers Office Menu: More Than Burgers & Beer

Father’s Office is a well-known, popular gastropub located in downtown Los Angeles. It’s a place that is unique in many aspects and attracts just about everyone from all over California. Here are a few things you need to know before going.

Office Burger

Office Burger

1. Great service – Father’s Office has easily become one of my favorite places to be due to its awesome service and friendly staff. The bar tenders and waitstaff are always smiling and extremely helpful with whatever you might need. The service is fast and efficient.

2. Lots of history – Father’s Office actually opened its doors back in 1953, when it was started by one of Southern California’s early adopters of the craft beer movement. At the time, there was no food served. The place was one of the first bars to have all of Anchor Brewing’s beers in the 1970’s and 80’s. Most of California’s first waves of micro-brews could be found on tap including Sierra Nevada, Anderson Valley and Anchor Brewing.

3. Two different locations – Before making the decision to meet up at Father’s Office, make sure everyone in your party knows which one you’re going to! There is a Santa Monica location and a Los Angeles location. Both have the same menu and serve more or less the same things, but they look pretty different.

4. Order at the bar – This is something that I wish someone would’ve told me before I went! Although Father’s Office does serve food, don’t wait for someone to come to your table to order because it’s not going to happen! The only way for you to order is if you go up to the counter and order yourself. However, after you order your food can be brought to your table.

5. Stick with the beer – Although the other drinks may look and sound tempting, I would definitely stick with their beer! They have one of the most diverse beer taps in LA, and odds are good that you haven’t heard of half the beers they offer. It could be that their martinis are just as good, but the beer is not something to be missed out on!

6. The famous Office Burger – If you’re going to this gastropub based off the words of your friends, chances are you’ve heard about the Office Burger. I’m here to tell you that it is DEFINITLY worth it! Chef Yoon traveled the world and made a list of all his favorite burgers, put it all together and came up with the invention we know – the famous “Office Burger”.



7. Gourmet meat – Father’s Office has its own designated room where it drayages the meat, and it’s one of the only gastro pubs in LA that actually serves gourmet, drayage meat for such a cheap price. So much money and effort goes into the extra meat processing, it’s no wonder that the burgers come out so delicious and everyone is drawn to them.

Beer menu

Beer menu

8. No ketchup – For those of you who love ketchup, it may come as an unpleasant surprise that they don’t serve any. (No, not even with French fries!) Chef Yoon believes that ketchup “has its place”, but doesn’t have to give taste to anything that he is serving. Yoon’s feeling is that so many other sauces taste much better, and the bottom line is that he doesn’t feel a need for it in his restaurant.

9. Different dishes – Although it’s a popular belief that the only thing worth going for is burgers and beer, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the Fathers Office menu has a variety of different dishes that are just as delicious! They have appetizers, side dishes, and main dishes. Don’t fill up on the fries because chances are there is much more to come.

10. BEST PLACE EVER – Father’s Office has been a favorite place of mine since the minute that Chef Sang Yoon took it over in 2000. I am SO loyal to Father’s Office that I don’t think there’s one occasion that I would choose to spend elsewhere.




If you’re looking for a great night out with awesome food, great service and amazing prices, Father’s Office is the place to go!


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