A Perch for Lovebirds at Perch Los Angeles

Watch the sparks fly..

Watch the sparks fly..

Perch restaurant is the place where the road to the rest of my life was paved. About this time last year, my husband asked me for my hand in marriage. Everything about that night was perfect.

Although I never told him where to propose, he knew me so well that he decided the most romantic place in the world to propose to me would be surrounded by the scenic views on Perch’s rooftop.

This restaurant is one that I’ve been to quite a few times, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this was going to be the place where the love of my life would propose.

Surrounded by the warmth of the night, I made the best decision of my life. People like the food and the drinks, and maybe even the staff. But the reason I am so in love with Perch is because of its ambiance.


Downtown LA

Widely known as the “elevated resting place”, Perch Los Angeles is a French bistro bar and restaurant that is located in the heart of downtown LA. Located on the 15th floor, Perch will make you feel like you’re dining in the clouds. There are several fireplaces and fire pits that surround the restaurant, making it feel ten times more romantic than it already is.

The unique, antique-style furniture gives Perch an elegant but retro look, which contributes a lot to the overall vibe. Around every corner you’ll find beautifully designed woodwork that is one hundred percent original.

Get there at the right time and you won’t believe your eyes when you’re sitting right in front of the LA skyline at sunset. With live music in the background and dim lighting, Perch is one of the most romantic places to be in California.

Something that stands out in my mind was the beautiful and lush landscaping. To feel like you’re up in the sky, but at the same time surrounded by greenery, is something quite magnificent. The mixture of feelings was overwhelmingly enjoyable.

Perch does offer special events so I do highly recommend this place for any type of occasion that you want to be breathtaking.



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