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I feel the greatest thing about Lucques Los Angeles, Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, is it’s versatility. It can be a great restaurant for both a romantic date and a family outing. It gives the impression of being very down to earth and real, without giving up the culinary elegance of fine dining.


In a word, this establishment is a hit. It was opened in 1998 by Chef Suzanne Goin and sommelier Caroline Styne to much acclaim, from everyday patrons and reviewers alike. The restaurant won awards and nominations of all sorts from various institutions and publications, such as, Gourmet, Saveur, and Bon Appetit.



Not every restaurant can live up to its hype. Ironically, sometimes too much buzz will aid in the downfall of a business, rather than help its success. Concept, service, presentation, atmosphere, innovation, creativity – so many factors go in to creating a successful restaurant, and that all occurs before the food has even reached the patrons’ mouths.


Creating an expectation you can neither, top, nor live up to, is detrimental, especially when dealing with the culinary arts. Thankfully, with Lucques, this is not the case. Suzanne Goin’s creations certainly do live up to their acclaim, and deliver a dining experience unlike any other.


There are many amazing dining choices in the L.A. area. Lucques LA, is a must try for anyone and everyone who is into good food, wine,  vibes, and a rustic, laid back setting. Inside, the décor is that of a bare bones warehouse, with timber, brick, and a large fireplace to give it a very homey atmosphere. The enclosed outdoor patio is beautiful, and is especially recommended for those interested in a cozy, intimate dinner setting. This is only due to the noise and crowds of peak hours.

The rustic, timber laden, interior of Lucques is made complete with a centrally located fireplace.

The rustic, timber laden, interior of Lucques is made complete with a centrally located fireplace.


Save Room for Sunday Suppers at Lucques


The restaurant offers lunch and dinner on every day except for Sunday. During Sunday evenings, Lucques offers Sunday supper (served from 5:00-9:30), which has become an attraction for locals as well as out-of-towners. It is a way to sample the restaurant in the context of a fixed price menu. You will get a 3-course meal of appetizer, entrée, and desert.


The wait staff is always a major contributing factor to the success of an evening out. Sometimes, a rude host or server can virtually ruin your evening and drive the reputation of a restaurant to the ground. The staff at Lucques restaurant is professional and a class act all the way. Knowledgeable, attentive, and not too overbearing.


So, whether for a romantic night out or a family birthday celebration – Lucques is definitely a place you should check out.


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