Patina’s Serving Symphonies in Disney Music Hall

For anyone who lives in downtown LA, chances are they have seen or been inside the Walt Disney Music Hall. The Concert Hall is one of the biggest attractions there is to see in Los Angeles. Its unique architecture and massive shiny appearance makes the hall hard to miss.


Land of the LA Phil


Home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and many other events, the concert hall attracts people from all over the world. However, what people don’t commonly know is, that inside this famous popular concert hall there is a hidden gem.


Make no mistake, the Los Angeles Philharmonic is an experience you'll never forget, so is Patina restaurant.

Make no mistake, the Los Angeles Philharmonic is an experience you’ll never forget, so is Patina restaurant.


Michelin-starred Patina Restaurant is the hidden secret that resides in the concert hall. The restaurant offers unmatched fine dining enhanced by the architectural splendor of Walt Disney Concert Hall. From the seasonal tasting menus to the decadent cheese cart and award-winning wine list, Patina continues to define luxury dining in Los Angeles, and is also widely renowned as one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles.


Patina is open for dinner and late-night supper. French-born and trained executive chef Tony Esnault’s superb dishes are made from the best ingredients available from local and regional farmers, ranchers and fishermen. Chef Esnault also offers a special tasting menu at the private Chef’s Table for nine, which gives guests an open, behind-the-scenes view into the dynamics of the inside kitchen. In other words, the guest are able to see where the “magic happens.”



The restaurant accommodates 240-seated guests, including a private dining room for up to thirty. Guests are welcome into a warm, inviting interior undulating with organic ceiling curves and ripples of carved walnut walls. Patina also features an impressive bar display where guests can unwind before dinner or enjoy a late-night cocktail on the patio.

The modern interior of Patina restaurant.

The modern interior of Patina restaurant.


Fine Dining Comes at a Price


In order to fully appreciate what Patina restaurant has to offer, you have to enjoy eating fine food. This is definitely not the cheapest meal you’ll ever have, but it is absolutely worth it. They have fantastic service, a very food smart wait staff, and of course wonderful food. I went with the 5-course dinner, and feel that this is what everyone should go with. Individually, the portions are actually pretty large, but remember it’s 5 courses, and the choices are enough to fill up anyone’s stomach. By the end of your experience there, you will be fully satisfied, and you definitely leave with a full stomach. Rich, divine, and elegant…Patina!

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