Preparing for Perch Restaurant

View from Perch

View from Perch

When going to a new restaurant, it’s always important to know a few things beforehand. Yes, you can rely on what friends tell you, but they won’t necessarily be able to tell you EVERYTHING you want to know. Here are some fun facts about Perch that are just helpful to know in advance!

* Downtown Los Angeles – Location is key when it comes to where you want to spend your evening out. Downtown LA is convenient to get to from just about anywhere in Los Angeles. You can take a bus or come via car. Valet parking IS available and highly recommended, unless you want to spend the evening looking for a parking spot!

* The views – If you’re looking for unbelievable views to look at while you eat and drink, Perch is the place to go. If you’re a person who doesn’t like heights, I wouldn’t recommend coming here, because Perch is on the 15th floor and surrounded by glass which allows you to see the entire city from above.

* French Cuisine – I’ve eaten out in plenty of places before, but I must say that the French cuisine that’s served at Perch is simply phenomenal. Executive Chef Gerardo Benitez has created the playful menu inspired by French culinary classics utilizing the freshest of seasonal ingredients. The Perch menu consists of items that are meant to be shared as well as meals that stand boldly alone.

* Make a reservation – Although they do accept walk-ins, it’s highly recommended that you make a reservation in advance! Due to its popularity, you can easily find yourself waiting for a table for an hour. You can make a reservation on their website or by phone.

Perch* Fire pits – One of my favorite things about this place is the fire pits. I’m pretty sure that Perch is one of the only places downtown that has them! They really contribute a lot to dinner if you go there at night. It’s a really romantic place to go on a date!

* Staff – Every time I find myself eating at Perch, I become friends with a new staff member. Their team of chefs, waitresses, and hostesses are truly one of a kind. They give a warm and welcoming feeling to each customer that walks in, making Perch feel so close to home. The staff are generally helpful and attentive. I haven’t yet seen a more productive group of people!

Perch Restaurant is a place that is suitable for just about everyone (that is, if you’re over 21!). Its French cuisine, beautiful architecture, and great location make it irresistible. I’ve now told you everything there is to know. So, what are you waiting for?


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