Simple Elegance at Patina LA

What strikes you first of all, when you walk into Patina Los Angeles, is the elegance. It is precise, vibrant, and not over the top. It is the kind of restaurant that knows the meaning of fine dining. It knows that it is a lot more than what is being put on a plate. It is giving the patrons of such a restaurant a more enhanced and full experience.

Chef Joachim Splichal

Chef Joachim Splichal

Patina LA is the flagship restaurant of master chef Joachim Splichal. Splichal and his Patina restaurant group have several locations all around the city. In Downtown Los Angeles, located within the Walt Disney concert hall, he set up Patina, an upscale French restaurant that seeks to bring the experience of fine dining to more people.

In a time when so many other fine dining establishments are closing up shop, it is good to know there are still places in which you can sit down and enjoy an evening of good food, relaxing ambience, and great service. It is the epitome of fine dining, and I am so glad that there are those who are fighting for its continued existence.

Ever-changing, but always delicious, Patina Menu

Patina’s menu has changed several times over the years, but it has always been a flagship restaurant. Its standards even won it a Michelin star in 2008, and it is part of the luxurious and exclusive Relais & Chateaux fellowship.

You can usually reserve a table with a few days’ notice, which is not to take away from the prestige of this amazing establishment. There are several seating options available: the interior has tables in the middle, and couch-like semi-circular booths along the walls. There is also the option for a private room, where several tables are set up, for special occasions, celebrations, etc. There is yet another exclusive option, in the form of the “chef’s table”. The chef’s table has a view of the kitchen, and it sits up to nine guests which will get the personal attention of the chef, as well as a more customizable menu.

Patina does everything so that anyone who passes through its doors will leave there with a song on their lips, and a smile on their faces. It is more than food, it is a state of mind. Patina’s servers, cooks, chefs, and managers realize that there is so much more to a good restaurant than only food. It is a mistake that many establishments make, but not them. They know how to treat a guest, and that is how you feel: not like just another customer or consumer, but like a guest. It is a great thing, truly.

Menu item at Patina

Menu item at Patina

Being a veggie eater, I stay away from the ordinary menu, and order from the 3 or 5-course vegetarian menu. The mushroom tart and porridge are excellent, as are the desserts. The strawberry and chocolate are the clear “go to” dessert for me, and I wonder if I will ever change. But who cares? These desserts are too good to switch, and I can honestly say I can’t see myself changing anytime soon.

Patina is the place to be, whether it is a special occasion, before or after a show, or simply as a way to treat oneself.

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