Sqirl Is Nuts

Whether it’s for Breakfast, Lunch, Or Even Brunch, Come to Sqirl


Famous for its out-the-door weekend queues spilling into the Silver Lake neighbourhood of LA, Sqirl is snugly tucked away behind a Tabebuia tree. Open from 8am until 4 in the afternoon, it serves an exciting-looking selection of breakfast and lunch dishes to its hungry patrons, who, knowing what’s coming, are happy to wait their turn. The small restaurant boasts a market-driven menu, featuring everything from, everyday comfort foods like French toast and granola to exclusive additions like preserved Meyer lemons.


Get ready for quiches like this one at sqirl.

Get ready for quiches like this one at sqirl.

When I hear “breakfast and lunch”, I think “brunch”. And when I think about brunch, I go into a happy place in my head filled with delicate French pastries, fragrant fresh fruit, aromatic fresh-ground coffee, fluffy maple-laden pancakes, oven-warm fresh rolls, tart just-squeezed juice… and eggs. Lots and lots of eggs. Scrambled, poached, fried. Griddled, baked, boiled. Shakshuka. Benedict. Frittata. Omelette. Quiche. Mmmmmm. Eggs. And now I think Sqirl restaurant.


Humans have eaten eggs for thousands of years, they are, after all, the original breakfast fare. Starting your day with a couple of whole eggs (none of this egg white omelet nonsense thank you; almost all of the essential fats and nutrients are found in the rich yellow yolk) provides you with a solid 12g hit of unrefined proteins, almost a quarter of your daily requirement.


Egg Me Up Scotty


Eggs are an ubiquitous brunch food, and although every slimy reptile and slippery fish lays eggs, the ones you’re most likely to find on your breakfast table come from chickens. And whilst caviar and quail eggs make decadent choices for special occasions (and snake eggs sound downright repellent), chicken eggs are cheap and plentiful, and one of the original superfoods (when I talk about eggs from this point, I am referring exclusively to chicken eggs). They are a rich source of proteins and choline (choline is a little known B vitamin that is essential for building cell membranes and for the brain’s ability to send and receive signals), and contain substantial amounts of vitamins A, B5,B6, B12, D, E and K, folate, phosphorus, selenium, calcium and zinc – eggs contain a little bit of pretty much every essential nutrient humans need to stay healthy and fully functional. Need more proof that eggs are one of the most nutritious foods available? Eggs contain every single nutrient needed to turn a fertilized cell into a fully nourished, ready to hatch baby chicken.



The Sqirl menu, like every good brunch place, offers a range of different ways to take your eggs. Poached on top of their pesto rice bowl, scrambled and layered with ham for a decadent and protein-rich sandwich, baked into a quiche or frittata or soft-boiled as a delicious topper to a healthy salad, they certainly have the right idea here. Eggs are a great source of valuable nutrients, and an excellent source of the protein that your body needs to repair and recharge itself constantly. Whether you like them fried, scrambled or raw (it takes all sorts…!), Sqirl has them all!


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