Top 5 Reasons to Eat at Café Pinot Los Angeles

LA Public Library

LA Public Library

Café Pinot in downtown Los Angeles has become my ultimate favorite place to eat with family and friends. Here’s why.

1. The public library – I’m a person who enjoys getting lost in a great book. So whenever I go the library, I know that I can enjoy my book while at the same time getting a GREAT meal at an awesome scenic location! There aren’t that many places where I can say that I multitask, but thanks to Café Pinot LA, going to the Los Angeles public library means so much more than books. It means phenomenal food as well.

2. The service – There’s no comparison. The quality of the service at Café Pinot is TOP NOTCH. Ordering is a breeze, service is quick, food comes presented beautifully and everyone is kind and helpful. The cooking staff knows EXACTLY what they’re doing and I have to say I’m impressed every time I go there. Waiters are informative and attentive, and it’s an awesome feeling to never have to get up in order to flag down a waitress! I KNOW that when I eat at Café Pinot there’s nothing to worry about, because I’ll be well taken care of.

Cafe Pinot3. Seating variety – In most restaurants, you usually have a choice of sitting in one or two locations. In this café, that is not the case! You have the option of sitting outside in the gardens, or in several different seating areas inside. The North Wing is able to seat individual tables and bigger parties as well. The outside patio is more for weddings and large events along with the beautiful Maguire Gardens. The Skyroom Terrace is where most guests choose to sit, as this is the main area. Suitable for small individual parties, this is the best seating in the café.

4. The Scenic Views – Trying to describe the outdoor gardens that surround Café Pinot is pointless. You have to go there to see it, but if I had to describe the set up in one word, I would probably use “breathtaking”. It is for that exact reason that they host a lot of weddings there. They have small fountains making the gardens look like something from a movie set. At night the trees are illuminated with small bright lights that make the setting pretty romantic.

5. THE FOOD! – I always try and save the best for last. The food that is served at Café Pinot Los Angeles is unlike anything I’ve ever had. This is a place I can come to every day and not get bored. The dishes from large to small are well made and presented beautifully. The food there is definitely something to talk about!



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