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What the Heck is Trois Mec Restaurant?


After chef Ludo Lefebvre “popped up” repeatedly in Los Angeles, and later opened his LudoBird restaurant at the Staples Center, many were wondering what his next endeavor would be. You can always count on Chef Ludo to be a tour de force of culinary creativity, and he did not disappoint.


In April of 2013, following a joint collaboration with Animal chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, the three of them opened up Trois Mec, French for three guys, a modern fine dining establishment in Los Angeles, where a pizza shop once stood.


Trois Mec restaurant earned four stars in both LA weekly and Los Angeles Magazine, and was named “Best New Restaurant of 2013″ by both publications. It was also included in GOOP’s “Best Tasting Menus in the World under $100″, and that’s saying a lot.



The three chefs were partners in designing the concept and menu, which are somewhat unique. For starters, the five-course Trois Mec menu is always changing. You don’t know what you will get when you sit down. Some see that as a disadvantage, but those willing to take the plunge and invest the money in themselves will most likely be pleasantly surprised.


Want a seat? No Problem, Just buy A Ticket Two Weeks in Advance.


There are no reservations, as the chefs opted for meal tickets instead. Trois Mec Tickets are purchased two weeks in advance, via the restaurant’s website, and are at a fixed price which includes food, water, and an 18% service charge. Additional dishes, as well as beverages – alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike – are extra. There is something very liberating about not having to deal with the bill and the tip. It reminds me of a classic Jerry Seinfeld bit, in which he talks about the check being brought in at the end of a meal. According to Jerry, you take a look at the check and think, “We’re not hungry now. Why are we paying for all this food?”


The relatively-tiny restaurant seats 26, with 18 around the tables and 8 at the bar. The décor is pretty minimalistic, with an open kitchen which provides an intimate view of the staff, as they prepare the meals and serve them to the patrons.

The Trois Mec, in their natural habitat.


The restaurant’s website states “come as you are”, and that is precisely what this place is about. It’s a down-to-earth, laid back, friendly environment, in which you eat the first course “snacks” with your fingers. It succeeds in bringing together the worlds of fine dining and homely atmosphere in a very unique way. The food may be gourmet, but the chefs don’t take themselves too seriously. The greatest example of this is in the entrance to the restaurant, where the chefs decided – for reasons known only to them – to leave the broken RAFFALLO’S P_ZZA sign up. Ultimately, it is all about the flavors and the culinary experience, and there is no shortage whatsoever of those two things. When you bite into the chefs’ delicious creations, when you see them whispering and slaving over the stoves – you can definitely tell that these dishes have been well thought out and meticulously executed. They are creatively planned, as well as presented, and they manage to achieve a balance of texture, flavor, color, and feel.


If you are lucky enough to secure a coveted ticket (they go on sale 9AM Friday, and run out fast), make sure to order the additional dish and a wine pairing once you are seated. Make the most of your visit, because these “three guys” definitely know what they are doing.


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