Trois Mec Restaurant in Los Angeles

Named for its three collaborators (chefs Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook, and Vinny Dotolo), Trois Mec restaurant offers its patrons an intimate rendezvous and exciting culinary experience. It is located in the heart of Los Angeles.

Three Dudes and A Dream

The atmosphere of Trois Mec is fairly casual, with no dress code to speak of. Simply “come as you are”, as their website states. This restaurant really does have a life of its own, and eating there is only part of the deal.


It’ll Practically Take a Golden Ticket to Get In


The uniqueness of Trois Mec begins way before you ever show up, with the reservation process – there isn’t one! The establishment opens for dinner only, Monday through Friday, 6 to 10 PM, and caters only to those who have pre-ordered tickets. The restaurant seats 18 at several tables, while 8 more may be seated at the bar facing the open kitchen, where the staff can be seen chopping, dicing, mincing, and flaming. Tickets must be purchased two weeks at advance, which helps the staff anticipate clientele and cater to their needs more personally and with greater care. The ticketing process may seem uncommon to most people, but then again the experience which one gets in return is equally uncommon, unlike any other! Believe me, part of the experience is getting some Trois Mec tickets in advance!

It'll take a little more than a carnival ticket to get in to trois mec.

It’ll take a little more than a carnival ticket to get in to trois mec.


Essentially, the ticketing process guarantees an intimate environment for those seated inside, and also saves the patrons the hassles of billing and tipping. The ticket price includes the food, water, and service charges, and excludes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as tea and coffee. It may be a small detail, but not having to deal with the bill at the end of the meal really added to the whole evening. As LA Times Jonathan Gold put it, “Trois Mec is a coveted ticket to cutting edge.”


Another interesting thing is the Trois Mec menu, which changes on a daily basis. You literally don’t know what you are going to get when you sit down to dinner.


Keep in mind that eating at Trois Mec is more than a meal, it’s an extreme fine dining experience like none other. This is by no means an attempt at sounding pompous. It is a genuine statement regarding my experience there, and more than that – it is the precise experience which the three chefs set out to create when they opened up the restaurant.


When we sat down at the counter (party of two) we got a smile from Ludo. Part of what is so great about this place, and this is evident from so many people who were there, is the staff’s unassuming, unpretentious, and very personal approach to food and service.



The five snacks which preluded the meal were great, and they are definitely things I would try to somehow recreate in my own home. The main dishes were served on time  and at a good pace. Dessert was fun, sweet, and cheery, but I would have honestly loved a cup of coffee as well, to tie the whole 5-course evening together.


This place is not for everyone. However – if you are into top quality food, good vibes, down to earth service, and perhaps French rap music in the background, there is no doubt in my mind you will enjoy the experience of Trois Mec.


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