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Nutrisystem Helped Me Lose Weight Easily

One of the hardest things a person can do is lose weight. I sincerely mean that. Unlike so many other issues and problems, this is one thing which a person literally carries with him, on him, all around him, every single day. It is a tough situation, which can have a potentially very negative effect […]

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How does Nutrisystem work?

The goal: lose weight. The mission: eat right. The strategy: Nutrisystem. Outcome: victory!   For 16 weeks, I was on the Nutrisystem diet. For 16 weeks, I followed their recommended plan, and was able to lose the weight I wanted, and get my waist back. It was not an easy task. I am so very […]

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Lazy Dieting on Nutrisystem for Real Results

Garfield the cat, beloved comic strip hero and lasagna enthusiast, has said that “Diet is ‘die’ with a T”. It’s difficult to argue with that logic. Garfield, in his infinite wisdom, has pinpointed the quintessential issue many have with dieting – it stinks. Many people associate dieting with limitations, prohibitions, restrictions, which come along with […]