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Yum. I made this recipe up today. It's going to go in the cookzine I am working on.

Reasons to Go Vegan

“So, what do you eat?” It’s the age-old question every vegan is asked, at least once. Often times, it is a lot more than once. To that, I usually respond with: “well, I eat everything that you eat, really, except for what comes from animals.” And it is that, plain and simple. I eat what […]

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Becoming Vegan

These days, more and more people are becoming vegan. You can call it a trend, a fad, a phase, a thing. Any term you want to use is fine by me. It doesn’t matter. Veganism, as a diet and a way of life, is spreading fast. Thankfully, people are beginning to open up their eyes […]


A Cruelty Free Vegan Lifestyle

You can see it on random products, here and there, at the supermarket. At the health food store. Online. Those two tiny words: cruelty free. Those two words encompass a whole world view. An entire way of life. Veganism. And contrary to what some people think, it isn’t just people in California who are deciding […]