Reasons to Go Vegan

“So, what do you eat?”

It’s the age-old question every vegan is asked, at least once. Often times, it is a lot more than once. To that, I usually respond with: “well, I eat everything that you eat, really, except for what comes from animals.” And it is that, plain and simple. I eat what comes from the ground.

Vitamin b12 supplement

A b12 supplement can help ensure you’re getting necessary vitamins

I admit it, I am a lazy vegan. Sometimes by choice, sometimes for lack of it. It is to my great advantage that I am able to eat the same things, and not grow tired or bored with them. I am able to eat rice with lentils, beans, and chic-peas as a main dish for days at a time. Some people aren’t like that, but I can totally live that way. I usually don’t mind.

So, what do I eat? Fruits, veggies, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds. There is such a variety out there, and I am aware of it even if I don’t take advantage of it all the time. For those who are interested, and who have the time, there are tons of recipes out there which can even give you that mock-meat or mock-dairy flavor. I never got into that, really. I usually don’t look for animal-flavored substitutes.

I also take a B12 supplement, just to be on the safe side. Can’t hurt, right? The benefits of vegan living are evident. People who go on that diet – and do it properly – are reporting less illness, less fatigue, and higher energy. As for me? I am happy to sit down to my supper, with the knowledge that no animal had to be mistreated in order for me to get what my body needs.

I get my blood tested every six months, because even if I am a lazy vegan, I still want to know what is going on. Some of the biggest criticism against the vegan lifestyle stems from health concerns. There are those that are taking on a vegan diet, but then don’t take steps in order to ensure that they are actually healthy.

Vegan living is considered healthy, but that isn’t always the case. There are many vegan products out there that are just empty calories and harmful chemicals. A vegan diet is essentially just like any other diet – you have to watch what you eat. After all, cruelty free junk food is still junk food, no matter how you look at it.

Animals feel like part of our families

Animals feel like part of our families

As for me, I got into the vegan lifestyle for moral and ethical reason, and less for the health reasons. I was reasonably healthy before I went vegan. I was (and still am) a runner and a bicycle commuter. My reasons to go vegan were not so I could detox and get healthy. I was pretty much already there. But it was a conscious decision to do what I can to stop the mistreatment of animals.

I live with a dog. She is a part of my family. I could not justify my living with one animal, and giving a hand to murdering another animal. Things just didn’t add up, and I am happy to say that now they do.

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