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Steven Tyler, Slash, and Train “Dream On” at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash (2014)

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How old is Howard Stern now?

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Howard Allan Stern was born on January 12, 1954, the second child of Ben and Ray (née Schiffman) Stern, in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens in New York City.

How did Howard Stern get his start in music?

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He formed a band with two school friends, the Electric Comicbook, on vocals and keyboards. From the age of nine to his second year at university, Stern spent his summers at Camp Wel-Met, a youth camp in Narrowsburg, New York where he worked camper, kitchen, and counselor duties.

How did Howard Stern meet his first wife?

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Stern met his first wife, Alison Berns, while at Boston University through a mutual friend. He featured Berns in a student film he made about Transcendental Meditation. Stern wrote, “Within a week after our relationship began, I knew I was going to marry her”.

Although he hadn’t quite finished his transformation when they first met. In his fantastic new book, “Howard Stern Comes Again”, Howard recalled the first time he ever met his model/activist/actor wife in 2000. The two were at a party that was hosted by their mutual friends.

Why is it called the Howard Stern Bill?

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In August 1995, Pataki signed a bill that limited construction on state roads to night hours in New York City and Long Island, which was named the “Howard Stern Bill” in honor of Stern originally proposing the plan. Stern has since felt “firmly opposed” to the death penalty.

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